At you will get your instructional videos on basic yearly Proficiency Check items, but we also go far beyond this and explore failures and events that perhaps don't get covered as much but are just as relevant to give you confidence on the line.

Our school will give you access at any time, to review any area of the 737 and its systems through in depth briefs and professionally filmed simulator videos hosted by qualified and current 737 instructors.

We aim to give authenticity in our Simulator videos, we will not retake for perfection. This means mistakes can, and no doubt will be made giving us the opportunity to find the root cause in our virtual debriefs.

We never stop learning, because the 737 never stops teaching.

Meet Mark and Ian, Boeing 737 Training Pilots

We will be adding 737 related presentations, briefs and simulator videos every few months to keep the content fresh and relevant allowing us to explore this great aircraft and our interactions with it in detail.

You will also be able to contact the team of TRI/TREs with any burning questions that we'll do our best to help you with. We can offer coaching, mentoring or just some general advice. There is nothing like this out there on the market and with training events becoming more and more scarce, we offer you a valuable resource to stay comfortable with this great aircraft.

Example of The Boeing 737 Training Virtual Briefing Room (VBR)

Clip from the EFATO, no VNAV

Example of The Boeing 737 Training Simulator video

Clip from the EFATO, no VNAV

Facilitative 737 Instructor led Simulator Videos

Mark and Ian split the instructing and flying duties so you will have a mix of different instructional styles, techniques and insights

What our 737 rated Students think:

Marc - New to the Airlines and 737

The platform is a clever integration of textual information, virtual system diagrams, podcasts and simulator videos all in one place. As a low hour pilot fresh from completing the B737 type rating, the platforms ease of use and adept features will not only aid me to get back into the saddle after the Covid-19 pandemic but year after year of technical and procedural refreshment. 

Some of the key features I found most advantageous:

The sometimes dull and in-depth textual information is bought to life by step by step virtual system diagram and narration. This has also been cleverly set out in chronological order towards a line operation- both will help add extra layers in gaining better or refreshing system knowledge whatever your level of experience. The Simulator videos also have added elements of narration, pre/ debriefs with QRH pages and necessary panels / ND’s exhibited on screen which really enhance the full picture of the sessions. 

Cameron - Experienced Airline Pilot

As a relative newcomer to the Boeing 737 and having spent years flying Airbus, I find myself at a loss attempting to ‘catch up’. I’m also in the position where I haven’t flown for many months due to Coronavirus. It is time to get back on the horse, but where to start? My company provides excellent resources but much of it only as text or scattered across different manuals. There is also so much content available on the internet but too often it is marred with outdated detail and company specific SOPs. To find a modern and reliable single source of Boeing training is hugely beneficial to me. delivers outstanding virtual classes that look and feel like what I’m familiar with in an airline environment. The site itself ticks all the boxes – easy to use and easy on the eye(!) – but it is the content that shines. From each initial briefing, clarifying session aims and objectives, right through to the dreaded post-simulator de-brief, I really do feel as though I’m observing the crew from the jump-seat. Little touches such as including the QRH page on screen when conducting NNC items are really helpful. 

As a ‘visual learner’ these videos have allowed me to look beyond the text and better understand the whole scenario. have really helped bolster my Boeing knowledge and will undoubtably improve my own simulator and line performance. I live in the UK and the subscription has cost me less than a (substandard) meal for two at a chain restaurant! What more can you ask for?